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Teagan Wesley Miller

Teagan Wesley Miller

Welcome to Teagan's Web Page!  Here you will find new and updated info on him and his progress though life.  Please don't forget to sign the guestbook and look at all of his new pictures!  Thanks for stopping in!


Where has the time gone???  My little buddy has grown into a little man now.  He is so smart, sharp and intelligent.  We still aren't potty trained yet but it's getting close.  Teagan has become quite the musician and performs for us at least 4-5 times a week.  His vocabulary has gone beyond belief and his little personality is absolutely perfect.  He as started telling stories, using different dialect and voices, using third person views and telling white lies for his own benefit.  He is able to problem solve and is very curious about everything.  He has been an absolute joy to have in our lives and we cherish everyday to watch him grow, explore, learn and laugh.  Watch out world...Teagan Miller will take you over!!!


So many exciting things have been happening with Teagan lately.  We had our first potty in the big boy potty and Teagan actually grabbed a banana off of the counter, peeled it, threw the peel away in the trash and brought the banana to us to eat.  He's a smart little guy and we are having so much fun with him.  He's now an accomplished amateur drummer.  We went through our first Elmo drum set from Santa, which ending up in pieces and added a second kit a week ago.  We have now combined both drum kits to make a junior Neil Peart wrap around, double bass drum kit.  We rock out several times a day!

We are saying new words and sentences and have an extensive vocabulary.  Teagan has also starting rolling his eyes when he doesn't agree with what's being said.  It's so funny!


Well...we're not quite 2 yet but we are definately into the terrific??? two's!!!  We are slowly leaving behind our high chair and enjoying sitting at the table.  Santa Clause is coming to our house that's all decorated and words are flowing out of our mouth.  It's a fun time to be Teagan Miller!  Be sure to check out our new drumming video and pictures!

3/16/2011  Teagan turns 1 year old!!!

It has been an absolutely wonderful year for Bavette and I.  This little amazing person has changed everything about our lives and we love every minute of it.  Just in the last 2 months with walking and talking, exploring everything and learning so much!  Everything is new and exciting and it's always a great day to be Teagan!

Please check out his new photos of his birthday party.  He was definately in cake coma for a day or so after his party!


We have added new pictures, videos and status update.  Check it out!

3/19/2010 News... We're HOME!!!

We were able to leave the hospital last night and make our way to Owasso.  Mr. Teagan decided it would be funny to stay up all night long on his first night home to "test" his parents patience!  What a guy!