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Teagan Wesley Miller


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12:38 AM on July 11, 2014 
Just checking to see if any new video's are out. I miss seeing him. Everyone at Stubbs office is doing good. Come by some time and let us
see how big Teagan is getting. Love you guys, BECKY Brown
Reply Becky Brown
7:22 AM on January 3, 2013 
Thanks for the post.... Love it.
Reply robin mickle
8:03 PM on March 1, 2012 
love the videos
1:07 AM on March 1, 2012 
Thanks for the new info update. I was just thinking about him and wondering how everyone is doing. I was going to check out pics and you guys send me an invite. I love it. He is getting so big. I take it he didn't like getting his hair cut. To Cute.
5:40 PM on February 28, 2012 
Man it was great seeing you guys in Tulsa, thank god he looks like Bevetta, great looking kid, they are just some much fun. My son Marc just turned 31 and still just a kid to me. You guys are great parents and really good people, see ya in Dewey!
Reply Becky Brown
4:31 AM on June 3, 2011 
Loved the pics and the video's thanks for the update. He is a doll.
Reply jack
11:04 AM on May 24, 2011 
Watta great family!
8:44 PM on May 22, 2011 
Just viewed your latest videos. I laughed so hard at "Teagan before bathtime" that Grandpa came in to see what was so funny. Teagan has such an outgoing and good natured personality that it's like Ryan all over again but with red hair. We love you so much little Teagan. You are a joy!! Grandma
Reply Nana
9:36 PM on March 21, 2011 
I love you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Renee Williams
12:25 PM on March 16, 2011 
Hello to Teagan for me and please wish him a very Happy Birthday from Auntie Renee!
Reply Cathy Ramsey AKA Jazzy Mimi
12:05 PM on March 16, 2011 
Dear Ryan and Bavette, I am so proud and happy for you and your family to have this 'Big Man' in your life. You are the nicest people I know and am so very happy to call you my friends. Thanks for sharing pics of Teagan's 1st birthday. Congratulations and best wishes, always. Jazzy Mimi
Reply Carolyn Clifford
11:43 AM on March 16, 2011 
Happy Birthday Teagan.I bet it is great being 1. Being your neighbor, I get to enjoy seeing you walk around in the grass with that " Big" smile on your face. Tell your Daddy to let some of that hair grow a bit!
Reply Vicki & Howard Tribbey
10:16 AM on March 16, 2011 
Happy Birthday Teagan!! Hard to believe he is already 1 year old!!!! Go get em!!!
9:59 AM on March 16, 2011 
How CUTE!!!! The Green Country Gang loves him. Our littlest member turns 1 and learns to walk too. What a happy baby he is.
Reply David Pitts
7:57 AM on March 16, 2011 
Have a Great Birthday, You have a lot to look forward to enjoy the days
5:45 AM on March 16, 2011 
TEAGAN HAPPY BIRFDAY! Can't believe its been a year already, my little boy just turned 30 and i love every minute with him. Tell your folks hi for me and your dad sure looks good in the red suit!
Reply Robert Hendricks
1:43 AM on March 16, 2011 
Get the kid a haircut.
Reply Ryan (Dad) Miller
11:57 AM on February 14, 2011 
Matthew & Amanda Miller says...
We came across this web site searching our own baby's name. Teagan Matthew Miller was born 2/9/11 at 1:34 a.m. We figured the name was pretty rare but nice to discover another out there.

Man, how great is that! Congratulations on the new Teagan! My own birthday is 2/8/77. Pretty close day wise to your little guy. Have fun with your new bundle of joy!
Ryan Miller
Reply Matthew & Amanda Miller
12:32 PM on February 13, 2011 
We came across this web site searching our own baby's name. Teagan Matthew Miller was born 2/9/11 at 1:34 a.m. We figured the name was pretty rare but nice to discover another out there.
Reply Dorothy Claybourn
1:18 PM on December 30, 2010 
Just me finally stopping by to say Hi!!!~ sign up and see all the pics Ryan forgets to bring to show us girls at Joe's.
Reply Nana
6:56 PM on December 27, 2010 
Nana's cute little boy!
6:05 PM on October 6, 2010 
thank god he took after his mom otherwise be covered with hair and draggin his hands! Great looking kid with great parents! Their just such neat "toys"
12:49 PM on October 6, 2010 
Teagan is so much fun to babysit! Every week he is doing something new. I'm just amazed at his progress. He is getting so strong and mobile. One thing he always manages to do is melt his Grandma's heart with his smile! I love you Teagan!!
Reply Becky Brown
6:35 PM on October 5, 2010 
I believe that he has his motor skill down better than 75%. I know he has that army crawl down to an art. Thank you so much for bringing him in to see us at work. He makes it a little bit brighter for all of us, We love seeing him. Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing part of him with all of us. The smiles that he brings are a blessing. He is sooo cute.
Love ya, Becky
Reply Sandra Hale
5:55 PM on October 5, 2010 
I love see the updates about Teagan!! My grandbabies are all older (well if you can call 2 old) so it's fun to see the babiness!! Keep them coming!
Reply Diane Jones
4:31 PM on July 12, 2010 
I'm so happy and thrilled for you!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!! Talk to you soon!! dj
Reply Jazzy Mimi
11:19 PM on June 27, 2010 
Hi Guys, These are very sweet photos and videos; especially the one where Teagan is driving a dragster!! EJ is looking very smart--all grown up and all. I miss you guys. Thanks for keeping in toucn. Love, Cathy and Bobby
Reply jan russell
11:20 AM on June 26, 2010 
He is a cutie! Glad to hear you all are doing well! Hopefully we will see you all soon. Love ya, Jan and Duane
Reply Tami Watters
2:32 PM on April 13, 2010 
Teagan is sooo cute! He looks like he is a little strawberry blonde! I bet he is going to be blonde like EJ. I am so glad he and Bavette are doing good! I love the website and the pictures are awesome! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Tami
Reply Cathy Ramsey
2:03 PM on April 5, 2010 
Hi Proud Parents! I'm anxious to see Lil' Monkey in person. I'd love to attend the shower. Bavette, I'm so very glad you feel better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Best wishes always!
Reply "Doc" Parsons
6:24 AM on April 5, 2010 
Very very Kool
Reply Bavette "Mom" Miller
11:12 PM on March 31, 2010 
Finally...Mom arises from the depths of the night!
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers over the last month and a half. We have had several crazy days over the last two weeks but I finally feel like I'm recovering! My blood pressure has remained high post-birth so Dr. Beal increased my medication dosage to get me through these next few weeks to see if it makes a difference. I have been monitoring it daily and as of this morning, it seems to have dropped to normal readings. Hopefully, it will stay down and my hypertension is truly gestational.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts, cards and words of encouragement over the last few weeks. Teagan is a beautiful addition to our family and I can't wait for you all to meet him!
Reply Debra Dorris
12:42 AM on March 26, 2010 
Ryan and Bavette:

We went through the same "hypertension" with Liz when Addie came into this world. Scary time for both mommy as well as baby! It looks as though we are a few of the lucky ones! You both have a beautiful new baby boy, and we all know he is going to grow into a handful!!

Love to you both,
Richard and Debra Dorris
Reply JamieBoles
3:44 PM on March 25, 2010 
Ryan he is soooo precious! I bet you never knew you could love someone so much, huh? He is exactly the same size as my first son. So tiny! I had high blood preassure also, no fun! Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing!
Reply flat-top bob
8:42 AM on March 20, 2010 
you guys are in my prayers! we can not wait to see the little monkey!

Reply Billy Meek
4:37 PM on March 19, 2010 
Congratulations! Sounds like everyone is doing better, great news.

Billy Meek
Reply Ryan (Dad) Miller
2:39 PM on March 19, 2010 
Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers! It's been a challenging time but a joyfull time as well. Mr. little monkey is doing very well. He seems to have a little attitude...not sure where that comes from! Thank you all and we'll be putting more up soon!
Ryan (Monkey) (Lil Monkey's Dad) Miller
Reply Ryan (Dad) Miller
2:36 PM on March 19, 2010 
Uncle Toot says...
Congratulations! I so happy that Teagan is doing better, and I'm praying for his continued improvement, as well as Bavette's. I'm sure EJ's anxious to have you both and his new brother home.

I love the Uncle Toot! That name is sticking!
Reply Sandra
12:53 PM on March 19, 2010 
So glad you let us know how everyone is doing; however, how is daddy doing? I know you are all stressed out so you, Bavette and Teagan are all in my prayers!!! I pray everyone will go home on Saturday in perfect health!!!
Reply Krys Hatfield
12:46 PM on March 19, 2010 
Congratulations on the new addition to your family! What a joyful time. Best wishes and savor every moment.
Reply Terry Billen
10:42 AM on March 19, 2010 
Congrats you three! So happy for you and can't wait to see all of you! All the best, Terry
Reply Elizabeth Cronn
10:22 AM on March 19, 2010 
We've been praying for you all and know you will soon be home and having fun with your blessed little Teagan.
10:13 AM on March 19, 2010 
What a happy occassion! I bet E.J. is lovin' his new little brother. Congrats and the best to all four of you.
Reply Leigh Goodsn
9:38 AM on March 19, 2010 
Hope all is ging well. Thinking of you.
Reply mona
9:00 AM on March 19, 2010 
Congratulations to all of you
Reply Uncle Toot
4:18 AM on March 19, 2010 
Congratulations! I so happy that Teagan is doing better, and I'm praying for his continued improvement, as well as Bavette's. I'm sure EJ's anxious to have you both and his new brother home.